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Voting Delegate Information

The following rules should be followed at all times when representing your chapter on the delegate floor. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in being removed from the delegate floor, without a replacement for your chapter during the session.


Delegate Rules

1. Delegates MUST wear Official FFA Dress at all levels; including district, area, state and national meetings. **see FFA Manual- pg 10-11**

2. Delegates should be on time to all sessions. Members should arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for sign-in and to find seating.

3. It is extremely important to be present for and attentive during all sessions.

4. Members serving as delegates should ALWAYS bring something to write with to all sessions. If voting will be on a scantron, bring two no.2 pencils.

5. At all times refrain from loud talking or noise making during the session. This is especially important when there is a speaker at the podium. Even if you do not want to hear the speaker, chances are the person seated next to you does. REMEMBER these people have worked very hard to have the opportunity to address a convention, and/or they are an invited guest of the FFA. Treat them with the same level of courtesy you would expect from them if you were the speaker.

6. When voting during elections, REMEMBER you are representing the values, wishes, and beliefs of your fellow FFA members back home. It is an honor and special privilege, treat it as such. Also, consider the fact that the person elected will be representing you and your chapter for an entire year; perhaps even at the state or national levels.

7. When selecting students to attend conventions, FFA advisors should and usually do select only those FFA members that are the VERY BEST their program has to offer. Obviously, it is a high honor to be chosen,and an important responsibility to bear. Approach it with the respect and dignity it deserves.

8. See the FFA Code of Ethics for further information pertaining to attending meetings and conventions. *** See FFA Manual- pg 12***




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