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Area II FFA Officer Contract
          Agriculture science teachers and candidates should consider carefully the following expectations. A copy of this agreement must be signed by all Area officer candidates before the district election and submitted to the district advisor. The winning Officer Nominee’s form must be submitted to the Area Advisor/Coordinator before the area officer election at the Area II FFA Convention.

            Serving as an Area II FFA Officer is a privilege and honor, but an Area Officer must be willing to assume the duties and responsibilities that go with the office. The current Area Advisor, Area VATAT President, Area Coordinator, and selected committee may review a student who is not willing to fulfill this commitment and decisions by this committee are final. Excused absences from duties must be approved by the previous mentioned group.



  1. Area Officers must attend the State FFA Leadership Training Camp in its entirety.
  2. Area Officers must attend and help conduct the Area II Leadership Training Camp in Big Spring in its entirety.
  3. Area Officers must attend the State FFA Convention and attend every session under the direction of the Area Advisor.
  4. An Area Officer must be willing to serve as a Texas Delegate at the National FFA Convention if selected. Please note – cost of this event will be approximately $750 to be covered by your chapter or you personally.
  5. Area Officers must attend and help conduct the Area II FFA Convention.

Failure to comply with the above responsibilities may result in loss of area office and surrender of any rights to claim such office on degree applications, scholarships, or proficiencies.

 If elected as an Area II Officer, I agree to fulfill the Area Officer responsibilities.

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