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Leadership Camp

Area Leadership Camp June 14-16.

Area 2 Leadership Camp Rules

*Students are to attend all sessions including recreation and both dances. 
*Students will only be allowed in the dorm rooms during designated breaks.
*All students are to eat in the dining hall with the other campers.
*Students are not to leave camp. The Area Coordinator, Area Leadership Coordinator, and Howard College Staff must be informed if a student is to leave camp for any extenuating circumstances. 
*All campers become the responsibility of Area 2 from completion of check in thru the check out process. At which time they will be released back to their respective teacher/school representative. (This doesn't relinquish the teachers of their camp duties)

*If a chapter brings students, an Ag Teacher or Administrator must be present at all times. 
*If a student isn't in good standing at school, don't bring them. 
*All teachers need to help supervise students during leadership sessions, recreation, and especially during the dance. 
*It will be the responsibility of each school's Agri-Science teacher to inform any substitute/supervisor of all camp rules. "not knowing" will not be a valid excuse. (Treated as discipline)
*Teacher/supervisors will not be allowed to take students off campus for any reason, including but not limited to, meals after the dance and/or during the day. (disciplinary measure)
*If a school has a discipline issue more than once: 
  -School will be placed on a one-year suspension, (Chapter will not be able to attend camp)
  -Following a one-year suspension the school returns on probation. 
*If further disciplinary issues arise, they will be addressed with the teacher, school administrators, area coordinator, area leadership coordinator and Howard College staff. This could result in the school being suspended from camp indefinitely. 


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