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Nomination Committee

Candidate Exam, Interview, and Speech:

All candidates will meet at Howard College and travel to Coahoma on Wednesday, April 12th  to begin testing at 1 pm.  The test will be given at this time.  All POTENTIAL Area Officer Candidates will be there to test. We know some districts will not have selected their Area Officer Candidates at this time, so all potential candidates will test on that day. Please register on judgingcard so we will know numbers.

Candidate Photo and Resume (optional):
State and Area officer candidates MAY display a photo and resume in the convention hall if so desired. The photo must be accompanied by a resume. If a photo is displayed it must be in an 8” x 10” frame and accompanied by a resume. The resume must be in an 8”x 10” frame also. The officer candidate in the photo must be in complete official dress. The framed photo and resume must be displayed in the convention hall by 12:30 p.m. on the Friday of the convention.  Failure to adhere to these requirements may cause the removal of the photo and/or resume at the discretion of the area coordinator and/or the courtesy corps coordinator.

***See official State FFA Policy posted below in pdf form related to officer campaigning and selection. ***

Area 2 follows State Policy for officer campaigning and selection. The few differences are that Area 2 doesn't have officer candidates submit an application. We also use the computer program for score tabulation.

Area Nominating Committee
All interested Nom Comm members need to submit an application to Aaron Custer by April 3rd. These applications will be reviewed and committee members selected April 12th. These applications were mailed out.  

State Officer Candidates will need to make sure they fill out the State Officer Application.


Officer Selection and Campaining rules Jennifer Morris 4/25/2013 39 KB
Area FFA Officer Selection Information from July Committee Report Jennifer Morris 11/11/2014 15 KB
2015 Area Officer Nominating Committee Application Jennifer Morris 3/25/2015 36 KB



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