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Scholarship Information

Scholarship time is nearly upon us once again!  I hope that the new online applications have been working well for everyone.  A few reminders that I wanted to send out:

 Interview:  Howard College, Big Spring April 12th
All applications must be delivered by 9:00 am on 4/12 to Big Spring.  Interviews will begin promptly at 1:00pm.  Students must have a printed application, official signed and sealed transcript, documentation for weighted grades, official FASFA documentation as well as a prepared 90 second introduction.  Students will also be asked 3 questions from the approved list which can be found on  Students will also need 25 copies of the score page and the summary page.  (don't know what page numbers those are, but should be labeled in bold print at the top of the page specifying there needs to be 25 copies).  WE WILL NOT MAKE COPIES FOR YOU!!!!!!

Students need to be on time to the interview and also must be in full official dress.


Common Scholarship Questions Jennifer Morris 4/3/2013 12 KB



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